Corrugated Flexible Exotic Metal Hoses


Hoses Material:Monel, Bronze. Other Materials Available on Request
Braid Material:Monel, Bronze SS 304, SS 316.
Size Range:From ¼ to 4 inches
Temperature:Monel upto 427° C.
  Bronze upto 204° C.


Monel Excellent Chemical Resistance to Dry Chlorine, Salt Water & Alkalies Meets Requirement of Chlorine Institute.

Bronze Designed to maintain pipeline material integrity & prevent galvanic corrosions.

Note Hoses available upon request in metals such as Hastelloy Titanium, Inconel 600 & 625
For Further Information please contact / consult our technical department.

Advantage of Flexible Metallic Hoses

  • High physical strength.
  • Suitable for elevated temperature (800°C).
  • Fire resistant.
  • Good corrosion characteristics.
  • Long life (When installed correctly).
  • Resistance to penetration & damage.