Liquified Petroleum GAS (LPG) Hoses


IS 9573 / 1980 OR BS 4089 / BS EN 1762 : 2003


Lining : Suitable rubber compound resistant to liquefied petroleum gas
Reinforcement : The reinforcement shall be of woven textile fabric or braided textile yarn, natural or synthetic or combination of both or braided with HTS wire
Cover : The cover shall be of rubber compound resistant to abrasion, weather, ozone and petroleum fuel
Sizes : LPG hoses are available from 8 mm to 75 mm
Test : Internal Hydraulic Burst Pressure 100 Kgf/cm2
Electrical Continuity : Can be provided on a special request
Couplings : Flanged or threaded type

LPG hose Application

LPG hoses are suitable for use in LPG vapour phase and LPG/Air installations. LPG hoses can also be put to wet use i.e., permanently filled with liquid and in the temperature range from 0°C to 40°C.